Facial Rejuvenation: Lipograft


Pereira LH, Sterodimas A, Nicaretta B. 
FACIAL REJUVENATION BY AUTOLOGOUS FAT TRANSPLANTATION In: Cirurgia Plastica by Dr.  Melega, Dr.  Viterbo and Dr. Mendes Eds. 2009: Guanabara-Koogan  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Sterodimas, Dr. Pereira and Dr. Nicaretta were invited to contribute a chapter in the Cirurgia Plastica book edited by Dr. Melega, Dr. Viterbo and Dr. Mendes, describing their technique for facial rejuvenation by lipografting.

Dr. Sterodimas, Dr. Pereira and Dr. Nicaretta state in this article that ‘Age is the most significant factor contributing to the overall change in the appearance of an individual's facial features over time.’

Dr. Sterodimas, Dr. Pereira and Dr. Nicaretta conclude in this article that ‘Volume restoration through lipotransfer has been instrumental in elevating these procedures to a new level of excellence in comprehensive facial rejuvenation. The authors believe that restoration of facial volume can be achieved safely, precisely and reliably by lipotransfer.


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