Mastopexy after weight loss


Pereira LH, Sterodimas A. 
MASTOPEXY WITH EXTENDED CHEST WALL-BASED FLAP AFTER MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS In: Body Contouring: Art, Science and Clinical Practise by Melvin A. Shiffman and Alberto Di Giuseppe
Eds.2009: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Dr. Sterodimas and Dr. Pereira were invited to contribute a chapter in the Body Contouring book edited by Dr. Schiffman and Dr. Di Giuseppe, describing their technique of mastopexy in post massive weight loss patients.
Dr. Sterodimas and Dr. Pereira state in this article that ‘Obese patients who undergo massive weight loss (MWL), have to deal with the skin excess that can lead to both functional problems and profound dissatisfaction about their appearance.’
Dr. Sterodimas and Dr. Pereira  conclude  in this article that ‘Mastopexy with extended chest wall-based flap after MWL is a safe, simple, and versatile technique that  achieves an excellent suspension of breast parenchyma, creating a projected and rejuvenated breast shape with upper pole fullness and long-standing breast contour.


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